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History of Chanel No.5

Goliath Sportswear – Attention to detail


Micaël Reynaud

Inspirational creative and experimental animated GIFs from the freelance designer, Micaël Reynaud.

(via Fast Co Design)

Video: Ikea – Art of Cooking

The Art of Cooking videos for Ikea are beautiful in their simplicity and engaging in their fresh approach to product advertisement. They are also something quite expected from Ikea, following on from their acclaimed cookery book, recently launched this year.

Director: Carl Kleiner


Watch in awe at the collaboration of two Wooster Collective artists, Supakitch and Korali as they work together to create the most beautiful mural, merging the two distinct styles in an artistic mashup.

Oh Land




Online artist profile site for Oh Land Music. What I particularly like about this site is seeing the use of full screen video backgrounds done in a way that isn’t over intrusive or frustrating and actually acts as personality of the site. The additional details dotted about in the way the content is treated is also very stylish.

Video: Epic Docs Animation

Tu+, Namroc, and Metcalf put together this infographic style short animation with no additional software other than the 450 page Google doc that acts like the source for their stop-frame-animation. Pretty cool stuff.

— View the Google doc

(via Infosthetics)