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Can’t Have Pets? There’s Now a Fab Robotic Alternative you’ll Never be able to Live Without

If you have always wanted a pet but haven’t be able to own one for health, work or financial reasons then Sony might have a solution for you.

Whether it be due to irregular work schedules, young children, allergies or other health related issues, some people are just unable to own a cute little kitten or puppy. There are hypoallergenic free pets available for those with fur and allergy issues, but what if you have a work schedule that means you are away from home for long stretches? Or if you have small children who are fearful of pets?

Sony have developed an unbelievably cute solution for the entire family to enjoy – and it even comes in similar colours to a gorgeous beagle.

The Japanese tech giant have created a robot dog called Aibo, that amazingly learns as it roams around its home, offers a companionship akin to cats, dogs and other pets and it can even keep watch over your home.

What Makes Aibo different

Aibo is a robot dog, but not like the toy ones you will have probably seen before.

Aibo extensive interactive features allow it to express a variety of emotions, its compact body has the freedom to move on a 22 axes, while its eyes utilise two OLEDs that offer outstanding nuanced expressions.

Aibo can seek out its owners, understand words of praise, smile, even react to head and back scratches, petting, and more.

As the robot pup spends time with its owners, it becomes more aware of its environment, learning to walk around independently and is even able to adapt its behavior as it roams around the house.

Aibo comes with fish-eye cameras that allow it to lead its life in close conjunction with its owners, changing over time, maturing and growing into a one-of-a-kind companion, similar to a pet cat or dog.

Using its facial recognition and room-mapping capabilities, Aibo will be able to patrol homes and locate various family members, providing reports on where everyone is, and helping owners track down specific people.

Aibo software constantly updates, so Sony eventually hopes the robot might actually be a useful way to monitor your home while you’re away, similar to the ring doorbell security system.

For more information on how to order your Aibo visit Sony.

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