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This Airline Has Developed a Tool That’ll Help Make Flying with a Baby a Lot Less Miserable

air new zealand skycouch

Flying with a baby can be one of the most stressful, and emotionally draining, travel experiences ever, but there could now be a solution that’ll make traveling with young kids feel like a relaxing breeze.

Air New Zealand have developed a revolutionary seat to cope with babies who are not enjoying their time on a plane.

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air new zealand skycouch

Air New Zealand

The Skycouch is the latest flying solution to help families travel around the world, and prevent the uncomfortable outbursts of tears and screaming from young ones when in the air.

The seats are standard economy class chairs, but they have been fitted with an extra footrest that folds up to form a full, flat couch surface perfect for laying you children down whenever you might need to calm your them down, or if they are starting to get squirmy.

air new zealand skycouch

Air New Zealand

The couch area also comes with an infant pod insert, including safety harnesses, that allows babies, up to 18kgs, to lay down throughout a long flight.

The Skycouch feature can also be used when the seatbelt sign has been switched on by the captain.

The only downside to this revolutionary way to to travel? The price. It will cost families three economy seats, with a surcharge on top of that for bedding and the infant inserts.

For more information on the Skycouch visit Air New Zealand online.

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