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Aldi is now selling a range of children’s books for an amazing price

© Ben White / Unsplash

We all want to encourage our kids to get into reading which is why Aldi’s latest arrival is sure to make parents everywhere happy indeed.

The supermarket giant has unveiled a line of children’s books at bargain prices from Thursday 6 December.

The range covers books that will suit a wide spectrum of ages, with titles including old to modern classics.

For kids who need something a little bit more than words on a page, the 3D range brings classic stories such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood to life in a fun and bright carousel.

Meanwhile, there’s also a fantastic range for the Disney princesses in your life.

Everything from Beauty and The Beast to Frozen is here for a penny-saving £1.99 each.

What’s sure to raise a smile, however, is the addition of popular series That’s not my… from Usborne Books.

aldi childrens books

£6.99, Aldi

Each book comes with its very own plush animal that matches the character in the story for £6.99 each. It’s the perfect way to snuggle up and share a delightful tale together.

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