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This Fun Bunk Bed Can Grow alongside Your Kids

altezza bunk bed

As kids grow so do their needs, which means parents have to buy bigger bedroom accessories, but what if their beds and other essentials could grow with alongside them?

To make sure your little ones get all 40 winks at night, and you save money, Belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte has created the Altezza, a multifunctional children’s bed and furniture that grows alongside your kids.

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altezza bunk-bed

Pierre – Emmanuel Vandeputte

There is always room for a little bit of fantasy when it comes to choosing beds and furniture for kids. From race cars, tents, to princess-style beds are all super popular but it also pays to consider practicality as well.

When your little ones begin to outgrow their fun beds you need to find alternatives that’ll offer enough space, which is where Altezza helps.

With the goal of fostering a strong imagination, an open bedroom environment, and creative space.

The functional beds are made using pine wood, batyline and come with four ladders, plus a collection of instructions to help you reconfigure the layout again and again.

For more information on the Altezza visit Pierre – Emmanuel Vandeputte online.

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