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This Happy Anglerfish Is a Book Light in Disguise

anglerfish Booklight

When it comes to wading through the darkness no one does it better than the Anglerfish, and now the deep sea creature wants to help you read your books at night.

The Anglerfish booklight from Smoko is a smiling, bright purple anglerfish book light that’ll make sure you never lose your place or have to put your book down when night time arrives.

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anglerfish Booklight


For anyone who might have been lucky enough to see an anglerfish in the wild this cute little reading buddy is nothing like the real thing.

With its happy little smiling face, smooth rubber shell, and side fins, this anglerfish is not hiding in the darkness hunting for food like the real deep sea critter, it’s helping you to read your favourtie book.

It features a body that can pivot, which means you can clamp the light to books, tables, beds, or wherever you might need some illuminating help, and does not feature any of those annoying lose wires.

The best, and most helpful, feature is of course the dangling, bendable cord and globe light that comes out of its head.

The floating light, which is powered by 3 AAA batteries, gives off a generous amount of light so you will be able to see what you are doing with no trouble, and it won’t attract any unsuspecting fishes.

The Anglerfish booklight is priced at £10, in addition to a delivery charge, and is available to pre-order now at Smoko online.

For more information on the Anglerfish booklight, or other illuminating products, visit Smoko.

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