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LEGO Created Anti-LEGO Slippers So Parents Everywhere Could Rejoice


You know that feeling when you stand on a piece of LEGO and are met with truly undying pain in your feet? Well, that might be a thing of the past thanks to ‘Anti-Lego Slippers’

Devised by no less than the toy manufacturer themselves, this incredible foot attire aims to stop the horrifying pain that comes from standing on your kid’s LEGO as you walk through your living room.

Featuring a fetching yellow and orange design, it has to be the most stylish way to avoid your kids’ toys. Plus, it was designed with plenty of padding in mind so you really can protect your feet.

Sadly though, if it seems your idea of heaven, the bad news is the slippers aren’t readily available – at least at present.

The slippers were actually devised with a French advertising campaign and werre produced in a limited run of 1,500 to a lucky dip of people who had signed up on the French LEGO website.

The question is whether the company will ever consider mass producing these slippers and release to the general public to prevent family grumbles everywhere.

You might just say that parents around the world need this genius creation in their life!

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