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Argos Are Urgently Recalling a Dangerous Cot Duvet

© Michal Bar Haim / Unsplash

Argos is warning parents across the UK and Ireland to stop using one its cot duvets amid fears it could cause children to overheat.

The retailer is urging parents to return the Washable Cotbed 4.0 Tog Duvet, catalogue number 790/3076 stating that “the level of insulation provided by this duvet exceeds the specified rating.”

The duvet was advertised at a four tog, which according to guidelines is suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

However, routine tests discovered the level of insulation it provided exceeds specified tog guidelines, which means children could overheat while using it.

The Washable Cotbed 4.0 Tog Duvet

The duvet, which cost £15, has now been removed from all of the brand’s physicals stores and website.

Parents returning their child’s duvets can get a full refund without needing to show a receipt.

You can also phone the helpline on 0800 0113462 (UK) or 1800946744 (ROI) if they have any questions or concerns. (Lines open 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday)

A spokesman for the retailer has apologised for any inconvenience.

Argos have not as yet confirmed how many duvets were recalled.

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