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A Baby Shark TV Series Could Be on its Way

© Pinkfong

It’s the hit series that’s taken over every parent’s household. If you have young children then the words ‘Baby Shark’ are sure to sound familiar.

Only now it no longer comes as just a Youtube video or even as a singing Baby Shark toy, if reports are to be believed it could be about to become a permanent fixture to your household.

The makers of Baby Shark, Pinkfong, have said in an interview that the company is planning to release short videos and a cartoon series via Netflix this year, as well as, wait for it, a musical.

There may even be a series of games that work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

No word yet on whether these colourful creations will reach the UK version of Netflix specifically but it won’t come as a surprise to learn this empire of sea creatures will be expanding in 2019

After all, the ‘Baby Shark’ sing and dance-along video has over 2 billion views on YouTube alone, while the the song itself entered the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40.

You can even dress your dog up as your favourite character if you’d like!

So, if you’ve been feeling as if you can just can’t escape the tune, it seems 2019 could be the year you really can’t!

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