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A Controversial New Study Says Babies Should Sleep With Parents Until Age of Three

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According to one doctor, newborns should sleep in the same bed as their mother or father until “at least” three or four years old.

Dr Nils Bergman, from the University of Cape Town, conducted the new study which analysed 16 different newborns.

The study found that, when the babies slept alongside their mother in bed, their heart endured three times less stress than when he or she slept alone.

However, if they slept in a cot, a more disrupted sleeping pattern was found to occur and their brains were far less likely to transition through the full phases of sleep.


However, it has also proved controversial with some calling it “preposterous” and “nonsensical” by many concerned over cot death and smothering.

Co-sleeping (sleeping with your baby on a bed, sofa or chair) is said to be one of the factors in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Official advice advises that your baby should sleep in a cot or Moses basket in the same room for the first 6 months.

Further advice includes keeping the crib as bare as possible, breastfeeding your baby, taking steps to prevent overheating your baby, lying your baby on their back to sleep and not smoking around your child.

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