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You need beard baubles for every male member of your family

© Louie Castro-Garcia / Unsplash

There’s nothing we like more than a good novelty gift at Christmas. With alternative tree decorating going on up and down the nation, it might be time to pimp up the best feature of all.

Beard baubles might just be the genius present your boyfriend, brother or dad has been looking for. Brave men might even consider a set for themselves come Christmas party season.

Amazon, £7

Currently a bestselling item over on Amazon, these joyous decorations are exactly as they sound.

Available in a set of bright and shiny bauble clips, simply pop them in a beard to really get in the festive spirit.

They make for the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa present at £7 and you simply can’t miss the bright red festive packaging.

The pack includes 9 festive baubles so you can be sure for a full beard transformation!

Beard Baubles are available now from Amazon for £7. 

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