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B&M Have Launched a Fiver Family Meal Deal to Rival Domino’s

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When it comes to a cheeky family takeaway meal, there’s just so much choice. What you probably didn’t expect, however, is that B&M would launch their very own meal deal.

Stated to be “almost identical to pizza moguls Domino’s,” the bargain retailer have introduced a family meal deal that’s said to save you more than £35.

The deal gives customers the choice of either a Chicago Town pepperoni sauce filled crust pizza or Chicago Town four cheese stuffed crust pizza.

Chicago Town vs Domino’s

Then there’s three delicious sides including: 1.5kg of French Fries, 12 Mozzarella Sticks and Louisiana Fried Chicken Popsters.

They will even throw in a tub of Cadbury’s marvellous ice cream.

The retailer suggests that savvy shoppers can bag the five-piece deal for just £5, whereas if you ordered the items from your local Domino’s, it would set you back £39.45, giving you a saving of £34.45.

Ben & Jerry’s vs Dairy Milk ice cream

Of course, Domino’s is famous for its meal deal combinations of sides and desserts, typically featuring Ben & Jerry’s.

B&M has even gone so far to compare the individual items, identifying that while  a Domino’s pepperoni passion stuffed crust pizza will cost you £20.49, the sides add up to £12.97 and the ice-cream costs £5.99, their home versions cost £2, £2.69 and £2 respectively.

To pick up the deal for yourself, it’s available in selected B&M stores only across the UK so be sure to keep an eye out for quite possibly the cheapest Friday night takeaway you’ve ever had.

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