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This Super Soft and Fluffy Hooded Towel Is An Adorable Easter Gift for Little Ones

bunny hooded towel
© Cuddledry

Forget the chocolate this Easter and go for a sweet gift that little ones will adore. This super soft and fluffy hooded towel is sure to be a firm favourite with little Easter bunnies.

Children will find the floppy bunny ears irresistible and will love snuggling in the warm, soft fabric before hopping into bed. Not only is it perfect for enticing children out of the bath they will love taking it to the pool or the beach on their Easter holidays.

These snuggly towels are made with Cuddledry’s signature blend of incredibly soft bamboo and cotton towelling and are soft as a feather and so absorbent they dry children in a matter of moments.

bunny hooded towel


The only problem will be catching your little rabbit to take it off and get them dressed, as they hop away happy, cosy and warm.

If you’re looking to get one for your little one they are available for ages 1-3 and 3-6 years, from £29.99 on Cuddledry.

Nevertheless, if hooded bunny towels are not your little one’s style, you might want to consider onesies that also happen to clean the floor?

This is not a fad, using the mobility of your baby, this onesie puts your baby’s crawling to good use by using mop-like fibres to help the floor stay clean all by itself.

They do say that responsibility should be taught at a young age after all!

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