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Chatty Parents May Help Boost Their Tots’ Intelligence

chatty parents help children

If you’re a very chatty parent, who loves to be engaging and interested in having conversations, you could actually be having enormous long-term benefits on your children’s early years development.

A new study conducted by the University of York has revealed young children who are exposed to large amounts of adult speech actually develop much better cognitive skills than children who are not surrounded by lots of conversation at an early age.

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chatty parents help children


The new study, led by a group of researchers at the University of York, identified a strong link between children who experienced high volumes of adult speech and their own abilities to quickly develop reason, numeracy and shape awareness.

The experiences of 107 children and their interactions with parents were studied for three days, for up to 16 hours each day.

During the testing, chatty and non-chatty parents were asked to have their children draw, copy and play matching games – all of which are designed to test their children’s cognitive abilities.

The study concluded the young children who experienced more words, and were surrounded by constant conversation, demonstrated positive cognitive development skills against those who lived in less chatty environments.

So for all those chatty parents out there, keep having those long conversations around your kids – it will have a big help on their development.

For more information on the study visit the University of York online.

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