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Kids Are Going To Go Hopping Mad For These Cute Chairs

childrens rabbit chair

If you are finding it tough encouraging your kids to sit at the table, or if you’re looking for fun gift ideas, these fab colourful rabbit chairs are perfect.

Whether you are looking to add something different for your children to enjoy while sitting around the house or outdoor furniture that raises eyebrows, Stefano Giovannoni has designed a range of fun chairs kids and adults will love.

The Italian interior has developed a series of rabbit inspired chairs for adults and children, which will fit perfectly indoors and outdoors.

childrens rabbit chair

The Rabbit

The idea of the rabbit comes from the connection between its silhouette and the silhouette of a chair, where the rabbit’s ears become seat back.

Made entirely of polyethylene, the colourful chairs are a fun and welcoming way for kids to comfortably sit at the table or around the house.

The long ears of the rabbit turn into a relaxing seatback. The seat can also be turned around with the rabbit ears becoming handles for kids to hold on to.

The chairs come in two variations, for adults and kids. There is also a third illuminated version that can be used as an indoor or outdoor lighting feature.

childrens rabbit chair

The kids chair is priced at £99 and comes in 11 different colours, while the adult version is priced at £179 and also comes in 11 colour variations.

Both the kids and adult chairs can be ordered from LoveTheSIGN.

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