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Colin the Caterpillar Has Had a Deliciously Spooky Halloween Makeover

colin the caterpillar halloween

Everyone’s favourtie Marks and Spencer cake has had a deliciously spooky makeover, and it couldn’t be more perfect for those hosting a Halloween party this year.

With the autumn weather comes the scary Halloween season, and Colin the Caterpillar is embracing the nightmarish holiday with a ghoulish transformation into Creepy Crawley Colin.

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colin the caterpillar halloween

Marks and Spencer

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The M&S cake found at most weddings, birthday parties, and office events, has been given the ultimate seasonal makeover perfect for Halloween events, and we can vouch that it’s very scary looking yet still 100 per cent delicious.

Cute Colin the Caterpillar is transforming into Creepy Crawley Colin complete with blood spatter and maggots to celebrate the spooky scary season.

The limited edition cake is adorned with syrupy read blood spatter, sugary-coated edible maggots, red eyes, a Frankenstein-esq face, and a pair of red fangs inside his mouth.

If that wasn’t enough, Percy Pig is also set to have a Halloween inspired update, along with a host of other M&S sweeties.

Colin the Caterpillar Halloween version is priced at £7, or £2 in mini form, and is available in-store or at M&S online.

For more information on the Colin the Caterpillar Halloween cake, or other delicious Halloween treats, visit Marks and Spencer online.

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