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This Smart Baby Monitor Features Built-In AI Technology Designed to Always Protect your Little Ones

cubo baby monitor

New parents want two things when they have children, to be able to sleep at night and for baby accessories to actually help them keep their little ones safe.

Cubo is a smart baby monitor with a proactive warning system hoping to help parents finally realise these simple goals with a range of revolutionary interactive features.

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cubo baby monitor


This smart baby monitor aims help new parents monitor their little ones when they’re asleep, and also make sure the room is haven for them to rest in.

Cubo comes with temperature and humidity detectors, a two-way audio system, HD night vision, 135-degree wide angle lens, and even a built-in night light in case your babies aren’t big fans of the dark.

The main feature of the Cubo, however, is it’s proactive artificial intelligence alert system, which is designed to help parents proactively keep their children safe.

The AI technology can detect when a baby has its face covered, has rolled over, is crying, the room temperature is too hot or cold, or is crawling towards a potential danger zone, and will send a notification alerting parents to a possible danger.

Cubo will also let you check on how your babies slept at night with its 18-hour video playback setting, which will flag periods of time when your little ones might have woken up, started crying, or had another bed time issue.

If that wasn’t enough, Cubo also has an automatic photo capture feature that can record moments you never want to miss or forget, which is especially important for parents who work long hours and miss special moments.

The best thing about Cubo is it doesn’t just have to be used to  keep a watchful eye over babies, it can also grow with your children too.

Prices for the Cubo baby monitor range from £161 to £194, and are available at Indiegogo online.

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