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Someone Has Invented the Ultimate Diaper Holding Hoodie for Dads

© The Dad Hoodie

When it comes to changing the baby’s nappy, dads are here for it. Stylish diaper bags aren’t just for mums, this genius diaper hoodie is here to help fathers everywhere.

Quite simply called ‘The Dad Hoodie,’ this trendy addition to the wardrobe basically combines everyone’s favourite apparel with features of a diaper bag.

Sound like a fashion disaster? Well, not necessarily.

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dad hoodie

The Dad Hoodie

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The hoodie is surprisingly not an eye sore.

Available in sophisticated heather grey or a simple navy, the jacket is super soft with a mesh lining that aims to support items in the pockets without adding bulk or overheating you.

Of course, the key feature of lil garment is the pockets themselves that essentially mimic a diaper bag.

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The Dad Hoodie

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So there’s a pocket for your phone, your wallet, and your book but also every space you can think of to hold baby’s essentials.

The lower pockets are quite literally space to hold diapers, while there’s also a useful pocket for a baby’s bottle and some cheeky wipes on the side.

You can pick one up over on the brand’s official website for a cool $95 (or approx £75) which may seem steep for some.

On the plus side, it does save you for forking out the cash for a super stylish man bag – and likely give you a lot more comfort to boot.

US delivery is free, but you can also have it sent to you across the world for an additional charge.

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