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Disney Wants You To “Avo Good Day” With Its New Avocado-Themed Accessories

disney avocado collection

Never one to not go over the top when it comes to homeware, Disney have released a fun collection dedicated to all things, wait for it, avocado, and we love it.

In honour of every hipster’s favourite breakfast toast spread, Disney have launched a complete avocado themed collection full of homeware items, notepads and travel trinkets.

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disney avocado collection


When it comes to avocado, you are either a lover or a hater, there is no inbetween.

If you are a lover, and want to show off that avo-love then this new collection from the house of the mouse is avo-tastic.

The cute and colourful collection is packed with everything avocado lovers need. From water cups, dipping bowls, notepad, salt and pepper shakers and even clothing because, well, who doesn’t want to show off their love of the green-fruit delight.

Prices for the collection range from £9.95 for a mickey mouse avocado trinket tray to £16.99 for a fun avocado dipping bowl. The full collection, which has a delivery charge added to it, is available to buy now at Disney online.

For more information on the Disney avocado homeware collection, or other home items, visit Disney online.

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