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Disney’s Pumpkin Decorating Kits Will Help You Avoid All That Pumpkin Mess This Halloween

Halloween may still be a while away, but there’s no harm in getting prepared for the spooky holiday, and we have found a magical pumpkin hack everyone is going to love.

Disney have released a collection of jack-o-lanterns that take away the age-old problem of pumpkin mess you’re typically left with after family carving sessions, and replace them with a collection of fun decorations from Disney characters.

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This Halloween save your home from all that pumpkin mess by getting your hands on one of these no-carve pumpkins themed as some iconic Disney faces.

The characters include Halloween favourites from The Nightmare before Christmas, Mickey and Mini Mouse in full scary costume, Woody from Toy Story, and even Cinderella and her magical carriage.

The pumpkins do not need a knife to transform into your fave Disney character, instead each kit comes with paint and accessories to bring your pumpkin to life.

Simply apply a fresh coat of paint to your pumpkin, let it dry, then get Disneyfying your lantern.

Prices for the pumpkins are £10, with delivery charges to be added at checkout, and are available to pre-order at Target online.

To view the complete Disney no carve pumpkin collection visit Target online.

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