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These Dumpling Nightlights Are Here For Those Who Sleep Help

dumpling nightlight

If you are someone, or you know someone, who struggles getting to sleep at night there is now a delightful dumpling that could finally help you drift off into the land of nod.

Inspired by the short film Bao, which saw an adorable dumpling come to life, this nightlight collection is created by Smoko, and has been released to help those who need a bit of dumpling love to get to sleep at night.

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dumpling nightlight


The small lamp runs on three AAA batteries, and is made of soft silicon material, which means it is suitable for all ages.

It can be placed just about anywhere in your home and comes equipped with a one-hour auto shut-off to make sure it isn’t left on accidentally and drain the battery life.

If you’d prefer a much larger addition to your home,  however, you can also pick up a giant dumpling which is much larger and a lot brighter  – but just as adorable!

Urban Outfitters

Little B is available to buy for £9 with an additional shipping fee added on. You can also buy the giant dumpling light online at Smoko or Urban Outfitters UK

For more information on Little B and Big B, or any other nightlight products, visit Smoko online.

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