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This Hotel Floats In a Lake and Offers Eco-Friendly Accommodation

© Hotel Grands Cépages

If you’re looking to go on holiday solely in need of switching off for a few days and becoming one with nature then this might be a hotel you want to look into.

The Cabanes des Grands Cépages is a hotel featuring floating cabins in a lake, giving you the ultimate calming experience, as its buoyant shacks offer shelter and privacy to its guests.

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Grands Cépages

The wooden cabin structures which are bled into the natural landscape, have been built offsite and were later transported and reassembled at the hotel’s remote site.

The eco-friendly approach has been established within the cabins, as they have solar panels to produce electricity as well as have a renewable water system catering to the bathroom functions.

This hotel is also family friendly as cabins can hold up to five individuals, providing twin and double beds.

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Grands Cépages

Other promising amenities include a Nordic style bath located at the exterior of some of the cabins, offering a private spa-like experience.

The ubiquitous existence of vegetation surrounding the hotel offers scenic views from the cabins which are ideal to help you relax.

Apart from floating cabins, the hotel offers cabins on land as well, of which the terrace is best enjoyed while sipping on a glass of “Châteauneuf-du-Pape” as suggested by the team behind the hotel’s management.

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Grands Cépages

The “Cabanes de Grands Cépages” is located near the city of Avignon in France. The floating cabins are accessible via on-site boats.

Rooms can be booked at a rate of 270 euros per night for more information visit their website.

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