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There’s Now a Unique Way to Capture Your Wedding Day

Getting married soon? Still need to find a photographer? There could now be a completely new way for you and your partner to capture your big day in 2019.

Eve the Robot Photographer, created by Service Robots, is a wedding snapper unlike anything you will have seen at a ceremony before.

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eva the robot

Service Robots & Bride Magazine

Launched in February 2019, Service Robots designed Eve, a 5 foot tall autonomous robot, to help those couples looking for a very different way to photograph their wedding.

Eve uses pre-mapped space from cleverly designed sensors to freely move around any venue or setting.

By using it’s inbuilt facial recognition to “latch” onto guests, Eve can identify each guest and ask them if they want their picture taken.

When Eve approaches, guests can pick a particular style on a 23.8 inch touchscreen, and print out the pictures at an accompanying printing station or share online after being sent the picture to an email address or phone number.

eva the robot

Service Robots & Bride Magazine

Eve also comes with an impressive built-in lighting system, guaranteeing no bad pictures.

Traditional wedding photographers don’t panic, Eve is not here to replace you. Eve is more an additional service on the big day.

For more information on how to book Eve for your nuptials visit Service Robots online.

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