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This Chic Cabin Is The Perfect Destination for Glamping with the Family This Summer

© De Grote Beer

If you like the idea of a holiday off-the-grid, but still want to enjoy the luxuries of a hotel, then glamping in this unique family friendly woodland cabin.

This chic cabin offers you,  your family, and friends, all the amenities typically found in comfortable hotels, while at the same time enabling you to be one with nature on holiday.

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De Grote Beer Cabin

De Grote Beer

Thanks to its simple, practical design this modern cabin allows guests to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing style or comfort.

A patio connects the whole structure together providing for the perfect outdoor living spaces for family gatherings and catch-ups.

A fully fitted kitchen lets you prepare your family meals, while the kids would be able to make the best out of the refreshing scenery and green surroundings thanks to the large garden.

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De Grote Beer

Additionally, the cabin is filled with hidden surprises such as foldable furniture, offering additional sleeping space, as well as an elevated resting nook letting you completely embrace all of the natural surroundings.

To top everything off, the cabin is furnished with modern, chic accessories and colourful artwork, all adding to the overall experience.

The “De Grote Beer” is the perfect setting for glamping with the family away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

De Grote Beer

De Grote Beer

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This cabin is currently listed via Boutique Homes and is located in the Netherlands with prices starting at £87 per night. 

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