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Expert Travel Mum Reveals the Secrets of Packing 200 Items into Just One Suitcase

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It’s no secret that mums can do extraordinary things but did you know that one amazing lady can pack an entire family’s holiday wear into just one suitcase?

To be exact, that’s 200 items in total ranging from kids’ shoes to a man’s razor all tucked neatly into ONE suitcase weighing less than 20kg.

She even manages to fit in one inflatable beach ball, four children’s books, kids eating utensils, four beach towels, two pool drinks holders, and even a child’s life jacket in…

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family packing one suitcase

The super mum shows travellers how to pack for a family of four in one suitcase

Sharing her top tips, the mum reveals she saves on space by fitting shampoo and conditioner into bars, using packing cubes and vacuum bags, rolling clothes and wearing layers on the plane – amongst other things!

See the video below.

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Who is Travel Mad Mum?

Travel Mad Mum

So just who is this super mum?

Karen Edwards – aka blogger Travel Mad Mum – is a mum of two originally from Ireland who shares her love of travelling across the globe with her family.

Like a lot of mums, the enterprising blogger confessed she thought her travelling days were over once she had kids.

Fortunately for the web this proved not be to the case, and she has since visited more than sixty countries sharing factual information, personal stories and top tips for  travelling with little ones along the way.

Watch the video for yourself below. 

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