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This Trick is Perfect For Kids Who are Being Difficult at Meal Time

fussy eaters toddlers

Have your kids ever refused to eat dinner? Instead demanding chocolate, fizzy juice or something else that’s bad for them? Then we might have a helpful solution.

There are some parenting issues that, no matter how old the kids get or hard you try, just never seem to go away.

Going to bed, getting ready for school, washing, cleaning and brushing their teeth. There is always something your kids try to resist doing.

The most frequent, and one that can run on for a number of years, however, is eating their food. No matter their age, finding meals that are both healthy and appetising, and that your children actually eat, is one of the hardest puzzles of parenthood.

One parent on Reddit seems to have found a solution to those fussy eaters that all parents can easily use, and it seems to work.

What did he do? He simply retired from cooking. After doing the usual weekly family shopping and stocking the shelves at home, he told everyone to make their own meals.

fussy eaters toddlers

How did the experiment go?

For about two weeks, the dad reported everyone, except him and his wife, lived on sandwiches and cereal.

He said: “I started cooking, for myself and my wife only, things that we like to eat and cook.

Eventually, one of his kids said, “That smells really good, can I have some?”. He responded saying he had only made enough for two, but if they’d like some of tomorrow’s dinner, to let him know and he would make extra.

At which point the penny dropped and the kids turned their backs on their sandwich and cereal meal-plans and came back to having regular dinners, happy to eat whatever was being made.

So if you are at your wits end with your children at dinner time why not try out this inventive trick.

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