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These Vintage Cars Are Being Transformed into 21st Century Electric Rides

garage italia e-icon

When it comes to environmentally friendly cars, it is safe to say classic cars are not exactly hybrids, but this Italian company are trying to change that.

Milan-based Garage Italia have revealed the e-icon project, which involves turning classic cars into electric vehicles in a bid introduce young drivers to older cars and to safeguard the vintage vehicles for the future.

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Garage Italia

When it comes to classic cars, their soul and essence sometimes comes from starting the engine, hearing all the pistons begin to fire up, and smoke bellow from the exhaust. That rumble is what makes a classic car, but unfortunately it is also what makes them very unkind to the environment.

Garage Italia aim to change that, by capturing what makes these classic cars so special and giving them an environmentally friendly update – making them electric and sustainable.

In their first attempt to reinvent classic cars, with a 21st century twist, Garage Italia revealed a full refurbished classic Fiat 500.

garage italia e-icon

Garage Italia

The remodeling of this classic Italian car includes the installation of an electric engine, the roof and door sections removed, upcycled woven rope used for the seats and steering wheel.

The car does still retain much of what gave it character, from the same body, front and rear headlights, replaced with LED lamps to create maximum illumination, windscreen and even the wheels are the same.

The project is aimed at introducing younger drivers to the classics of the car world, and hopes to add further models to its e-icon series very soon.

For more information on Garage Italia’s initiative visit Garage Italia online.

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