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Parents Burn The Same Amount of Calories Getting Their Kids Ready In The Morning As Running A Marathon

getting kids dressed

Getting kids ready in the morning can often be a long and tiring process, and new research has revealed incredible results which illustrate just how much effort it actually amounts to.

Research carried out by the American College of Sports Medicine revealed the energy used by parents when getting their children dressed and ready for a new day can amount to the same as running a full marathon or wrestling an angry bear.

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Kids in the morning are not like adults, they will do everything they can to avoid getting dressed and ready for the day. It’s often compared to herding cats, an impossible task that feels more like a workout than a simple daily routine.

New research by the College of Sports Medicine revealed that getting kids ready in the morning is in fact equivalent to running a marathon, or fighting off an angry bear.

The research studied 1,000 families and their morning routines. It found that on average parents were burning close to 3,000 calories chasing, begging, pleading, shouting, and dressing, their kids for a new day, which is the same amount you would typically burn when running a marathon or fending off a bear attack.

So when you are thinking about all those missed gym days, take solace in remembering the times you have gotten your kids ready in the morning and the cardio work that involved.

For full details of the study visit the American College of Sports Medicine online.

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