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Glass Cabin Makes The Perfect Getaway While Letting You See The Northern Lights

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One attraction that tends to entice visitors to Iceland are the alluring Northern lights also known as “auroras” or the Aurora Borealis, a splendid natural phenomenon across the darkened night sky.

This glass igloo is the perfect way to enjoy this stunning vision of natural lights as its glass roof allows you to see the sky at all times during the day and night.

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Imagine staying in this glass igloo and snoozing to the amazing panoramic view of the night sky while you get a chance to see the northern lights.

Due to the location of this lodge not only you get privacy but also more chances of spotting the auroras as its remote location ensures almost no light pollution.

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The lodge provides all the amenities that you could imagine for a trip away in the countryside. Such amenities include a fully fitted kitchen with free coffee and tea as well as some basic food necessities (pasta, rice, cereals, oil and vinegar).

The custom made king-size bed is placed in the middle of the glass house. There are side curtains for when needing some privacy.

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Nevertheless there are no curtains for the glass roof. However, sleeping masks are provided to tackle unwanted light permeating through the roof while you’re wanting to get some sleep.

If you’d like to book this for your next holiday or solo travelling adventure, it costs 430 euros per night and you can book here.

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