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Forget Ice, This Picnic Cooler Uses the Sun to Keep Your Food and Drinks Chilled

gosun chill

As the temperatures begin to rise, it is time to consider how you are going to keep all that food and drink cool while enjoying the good weather at the park or beach.

The GoSun Chill from GoSun is a remarkable picnic cooler that uses a sustainable energy source to keep food and drink chilled during those warm, sunny, summer days at the park on beach.

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Everyone has had to cope with it at some point, you are out of ice at the beach and your food and drinks are getting slightly warmer and less refreshing as every second passes.

It is an annoying problem to contend with, but one which could finally be eradicated courtesy of this revolutionary cooler from GoSun.

The GoSun Chill harnesses to suns rays to keep your food and drinks always chilled. Never forcing you to dash off to find extra ice to pack into your cooler.

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gosun chill


Utilising the best in clean technology to help you use more of the suns energy. The GoSun Chill can be powered by various sources, including a powerbank, which can be plugged into and charged using any wall socket, AC Adapter a 12-volt cord port charger, or by a pair of sustainable power sources.

Included with the cooler are a foldable solar table and flexible solar panels, both of which are connected to the cooler and will turn the suns rays into energy to keep the cooler chilled.

At full charge, the GoSun Chill will not only keep your food and drinks perfectly cool for 14 hours, it can also charge two mobile devices using one of three USB ports.

The GoSun Chill is available to be backed at Indiegogo from £450 to £500 for various Chill cooler options.

For more information on the GoSun Chill visit GoSun online.

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