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Granny Pods Are Here to Help Your Grandparents Live Comfortably and Always Close By

When it comes time to finding a place for your grandparents to live in later life the nursing home does not have be the first and last stop, there is now a much nicer and far more comfortable option that’ll fit in your back garden.

The granny pod, or the MEDCottage, is a small, prefabricated home built in a back garden, or space on the site of your home, that’ll help your parents enjoy their golden years and, most importantly, be close to family.

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granny pods


With loneliness and isolation affection an increasing number of elderly people each year, this fab invention could help make sure your parents are always close, well looked after, and never alone again.

Designed by MEDCottages, in conjunction with the Virginia Tech University, the Granny Pod is full of all the amenities an elderly couple would need, plus much more.

The cute cottage can be compared to a small detached bungalow from the outside and a luxurious hotel room on the inside.

granny pods


The space inside the cottage can fit a bed, living room space, kitchenette and fully functioning bath and shower room. Standard features include hand railings, defibrillators, first aid supplies, lighted floorboards, and a soft floor to reduce injuries from accidental falls.

There are three styles available, a living ROO, designed to fit into a garage, the Mother Ship, which can be fitted on top of a caravan and the MEDCottage Classic, which comes in a kit and can be assembled by a professional or yourself.

The cottages all utilises your main homes heating, electricity and plumbing systems, which means no planning permission is required to have them installed in your home.

Prices for the MEDCottage start at £64,000 and came go all the way up to £95,000.

For more information on the Granny Pods visit MEDCottage online.

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