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Holiday inside the World of Harry Potter in These Hogwarts-Inspired Rentals

harry potter airbnb rentals

When it comes living like Harry Potter the closest we can all get is a theme park in America or a studio tour in London, but these stunning home rentals could get you even closer to experiencing a touch of wizzarding magic.

Enjoy holidaying as the boy wizard in one of these fab Airbnb homes, all of which have been designed to resemble an iconic location from the wizzarding world of Harry Potter.

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Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England

harry potter airbnb rentals

Northshire & Charlotte Graham

This Leeds-based two-bedroom home looks and feels as if the great Hagrid would step waiting inside to greet you.

The Northshire home is nearly identical to the super friendly Hogwarts groundskeeper on the outside, while on the inside it is a comfortable abode that’ll transform you to the world of Harry Potter.

To book a night in Hagrid’s house visit Northshire online.

Edinburgh, Scotland

harry potter airbnb rentals


In the heart of where Harry Potter was first dreamt up by author J.K Rowling, this beautiful Airbnb is stuffed throughout with magical interiors and designs.

The home feature a portrait wall that feels like the hallways of Hogwarts and there is even a Forbidden Forrest themed bedroom.

To book a night at this homage to the Potter-verse visit Airbnd online.

London, England

harry potter airbnb rentals


What makes this delightful London two-bed Harry Potter worthy? It is located just one street away from where the Order of the Phoenix was filmed and looks very similar to the famous order’s secret headquarters.

Don’t worry, there will not be any booby traps or house elves to stop you from entering.

To book this Order of the Phoenix home visit Airbnd online.

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