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Terrify The Family by Taking Them On a Haunted Holiday or Excursion

haunted holidays uk

Bored with the usual activities on offer during a weekend break? Want to take the family or your friends somewhere and experience something completely different, why not venture on to a haunted excursion.

When it comes to family trips, party weekends with friends, or just day excursions, sometimes breaking from the normal realxing spa trips, beach holidays and city breaks is exactly what everyone wants.

Ghost-hunting and haunted house holiday breaks are not your usual relaxing experience, but can often be an unforgettable experience.

Let an expert team of paranormal investigators or haunted house experts guide you and your family through the historical to the unexplainable.

We have selected some of the best haunted experiences for you, and your family and friends, iff you dare to give it a try.

haunted holidays uk

Witches Cottage., Pendle Hill, East Lancashire

Think you could handle a weekend away at the infamous Pendle Hill? The eerie moors of Pendle Hill is where 10 people were executed after being found guilty of witchcraft in 1612.

For more details Visit Yorkshire

Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

haunted holidays uk

This 16th century building has so much history, some of which is still very present.

Those brave enough to stay overnight in one of the 25 en suite rooms, may get treated to being tucked in by the maid that haunts the rooms, possibly see the ghost of a dog, or maybe get a visit from the spirit of a young boy.

Rooms available from £51 at TripAdvisor

Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland

haunted holidays uk

This stunning castle is reported to be still haunted by the Monster of Glamis, a hideous deformed child that basically spent his life being hidden away in secret rooms of the castle. He was apparently bricked up within the castle after his death, and has never left.

To book tickets visit Glamis Castle

The Tower of London

haunted holidays uk

A landmark where hundreds were imprisoned, tortured and beheaded, so it is no wonder this historical building is full of spooky spirits and lost souls.

With easy access in london, the tower of London is a must see when you visit the capitol.

Tickets range from free to £22 from Tower of London

Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire

haunted holidays uk

In 1885, a Russian ship, appropriately named The Dementor, was reportedly found at Whitby Harbour after being hit by a storm. All the crew were found on board dead, and no one could figure out why.

Upon finding the ship a large black dog – later thought to be a vampire in disguise – was seen jumping from the boat and running up the 199 steps that lead to the Whitby Abbey, never to be seen again.

Locals believed it was England’s very own Dracula, and the Abbey is where he set up home.

There is even a gin celebrating the infamous event, Whitby Gin – The Stoker edition.

For more information visit Whitby Abbey

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