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These Baby Care Products Are Eco and Budget Friendly

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Kirsten Bell and Dax Shepard are parents who believe there is no such thing as other people’s children (though they reserve the right to deny that when it’s diaper duty time).

They are two of Hello Bello’s co-founders and they started the company because they believe all babies deserve the best, which means all parents need access to affordable, premium products.

To fulfill that dream, they’re making better stuff for babies, parents, and the planet – at far lower prices.

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The case in point is about a baby product brand which encompasses “everything nice” for all parties involved including the environment, in a playful and attractive manner.

Their diapers have a specially designed material that can absorb over 50 times its weight in fluid and has a snug fit for ultimate comfort. To top it off, Hello Bello diapers use a mix of plant-based materials and traditional materials to deliver premium quality without harming the planet.

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Personal care products vary from shampoo and body wash, to baby lotions, baby wipes and even diaper rash creams. All these are made with organic ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, avocado, calendula and botanical extracts guaranteed to provide the gentle care that your baby’s skin requires.

In terms of outdoors products those include a bug spray to keep the “beasties” away but also an SPF 50 Sunscreen using non-nano zinc oxide.

Termed under “bundling” this allows orders to be done in a budget friendly manner. So purchases can be done in bulk which means that the price can go down depending on the quantity of your order.

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The only downside (for now) is that they only ship within the US, however this could change in the foreseeable future so keep your eyes peeled for any updates.

If you’d like to have a nosy on their website you can find it here.

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