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This Is How Long Your Child Should Sleep Depending On Their Age

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New parents are expected to be dubious in regard to the amount of time that their little one should sleep for and there is nothing wrong with not knowing how to go about it at the very beginning.

It’s also common for new parents to not know up until what age they should let their child sleep with them, so if you have the same concern you’re not the only one.

Regardless, newborns should sleep about 8 to 9 hours in the daytime and about 8 hours in the nighttime.

how much sleep do kids need

Image / Brytny.com on Unsplash

Surely their sleep will be interrupted over night until they get at the age of 3 to 12 months old.

It is also worth noting that each baby is different so one baby’s sleeping pattern will not be the same as others’.

According to NHS, the amount that newborns should sleep for varies depending on their age.

how much sleep do kids need

Image / Laura Lee Moreau on Unsplash

Furthermore, newborns are not immediately adapted to the difference of day and night which is a reason for them to sleep for longer during a day.

Once they have made the distinction between daytime and nighttime they could be expected to nap 2-4 times a day and sleep for up to 8 hours at night.

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