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11 Cosy Ideas for Christmas Get Togethers

ideas for christmas get togethers

Whether it’s a drinks party or a stay during Christmas week, hosting guests is a lovely thing to do. The festive season is often seen as the perfect time to catch up with loved ones. However, it can pose some extra pressures.

For a start, how do you begin to entertain the troops? Then, there’s the extra mess that hosting a Christmas get together can create.

First off, don’t forget to delegate. Or, at the very least, share. Everyone can do something to help, even if it’s just collecting shopping ready for a party or tidying around before your guests arrive.

For everything else, we’ve got some ideas on how to make your next Christmas get together truly special.

A traditional carol concert

Christmas Carolers

Nothing makes you feel more festive than a carol concert. It’s likely your local church or community centre will be hosting one. Even if you’re not religious, the ambiance of the church is special at this time of year and it’s a great way to bring everyone together.

Plan a Panto trip

Whether you have kids in the family or not, panto trips are always fun, regardless of age. Get your friends and family together and pop along to your local theatre. There’s bound to be a few festive cheers (and boos!) along the way.

See a movie

movie theatre

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

Theatres and cinemas often have great availability over the Christmas period, so perhaps that’s a treat that you can look forward to in the lull after December 25.  Getting cosy indoors with a family never fails to a lovely experience.

Play a board game

Entertainment doesn’t have to be costly or hi-tech – bring out some classic board games. However, consider the competitiveness of the players before unleashing Monopoly!

Family games

football table

Photo by Bao Truong on Unsplash

Source a silly game to ramp up the chuckle factor. Charades, 20 questions and Pictionary never gets old!

Add little touches

champagne scented candle

Photo by Richie Lugo

Whether it’s to create ambiance for your family at the dinner table or to welcome your friends in from the cold, Christmas is a great excuse to add little touches to your home that will create a festive atmosphere.

Why not set the scene with some spiced air fragrance or scented candles? Seasonal greens will also provide a more delicate, natural scent.

You can also buy wine glass charms so everyone can identify their drink, or tie a short piece of narrow ribbon around the stem.

Take a walk

A winter walk is always good for the spirit and to combat post-Christmas bulging bellies. Wrap up, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Perhaps with a pit stop for lunch or a cheeky hot chocolate.

Set the soundtrack

Ask guests to send you their top three party tracks and compile a playlist everyone will enjoy.

Throw a themed party

ideas for christmas get togethers

Picking a theme for a party can be  a great ice-breaker and it needn’t be difficult for your guests. “Wear something seasonal” is easy and topical!

Just remember to issue party invitations as early as possible for this busy time.

Neighbourly love

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Try and find some time in your busy schedule to think about a lonely neighbour. Pop round with some mince pies and spread the Christmas cheer!

Volunteer for a charity

soup kitchen

A Christmas get together typically evokes the image of friends and family but making time for people can also extend to strangers.

In true Christmas spirit, why not volunteer with a local charity? All too often, Christmas can be a lonely time.

Helping to create Christmas Day lunch at a visiting scheme is a great way to spread Christmas cheer and increase the sense of well-being all-round!

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