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This Summer Picnic Essential is Now 100% Biodegradable

Igloo biodegradable recooler

Have you ever left harmful plastic containers or cooler bags behind after a trip to the beach or park? If you accidentally forget this picnic essential it will actually HELP the environment.

Igloo have revealed the first-ever biodegradable drinks cooler – the Recool Cooler – perfect for the looming outdoor summer season and helping to make environmentally unfriendly plastic alternatives obsolete.

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Igloo biodegradable recooler


While you won’t deliberately leave your Recool cooler behind after a fab day out with friends and family, but if you did accidentally forget to pick it up before you leave your spot this inventive cooler will naturally biodegrade on its on – it will leave no harmful plastics littering beautiful outdoor locations.

The Recool is made from organic molded pulp, paper, and alkyl ketene dimer, what binds it all together.

The cooler can manage up to 75 pounds of weight, which is a lot of food and drinks, hold ice for up to 12 hours, is water resistant for up to five-days, and even comes with six built-in cup holders under its lid.

It is also reusable, so if you do remember to take it with you after a relaxing day out it can be brought to your next outdoor event.

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If that wasn’t enough, the Recool can take some rough and tumble. It will not chip or break when bumped or dropped, which commonly happens with foam and plastic coolers.

The Igloo Recool Compostable Cooler will be priced at £10, with postage and packaging costs, and available to buy in May from Igloo online.

For more information on the Recooler visit Igloo online.

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