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Simple Ways To Improve Your Mental Health At Home

Healthy Minds

It’s a stressful time to be alive, which may be why people are more interested in improving their mental than their physical health heading into 2019.

The time when all we cared about was losing weight to keep up with the trends are a thing of the past, all anyone wants to focus on in 2019 is making sure their mental health is in tip-top shape.

With that in mind, we have some helpful tips that can be used by the entire family that’ll help make sure everyone’s minds are clear and not constantly battling anxiety, worries or worse.

sleep lots

improve mental health tips

Chronic sleep deprivation has shown to lead to long-term mood disorders like anxiety and depression on top of the effects it has on your physical health.

Make sure you are getting your eight hours of sleep a day to prevent major health issues.

Don’t worry about things before they’ve even happened

Chronic stress is associated with greater likelihood of clinical depression, therefore this new year take on the resolution of giving up worrying and you will feel huge health benefits from it in 2019.

Stop dieting

Healthy Minds

Eating what you like within reason is the way to enjoy your food. Rather than focusing on the ideal body image, appreciate your body the way it is. Irrespective of your body size, people tend to have better mental health when they aren’t constantly looking to burn or add calories.

If you’re serious about losing weight, pursue a balanced diet and exercise regularly rather than imposing endless restrictions or crash-dieting.

Take up a hobby

Healthy Minds

Take time to pick up a hobby, learn a skill or improve a talent.

It shouldn’t be scoffed at, studies have proven taking up a hobby can have immeasurable health benefits later on in life, not to mention allow you to meet new people.

Restrict your technology use

Healthy Minds

Take some time off your devices and give your brain a break from all the information you ask it to process.

Giving yourself a break from technology, even it is just for an hour, has proven to have major mental health benefits.


Healthy Minds

Exercise for at least 20 minutes each day, five days a week, to see not only physical but also mental health benefits.

Energy Balance

Healthy Minds

Balance what food and drink you put into your body to make sure you are not either adding too much or too little.

Make sure you are eating three meals a day and not going long stretches without food otherwise you will see a dramatic decrease not only in productivity but also your overall health will suffer – leading to anxiety and excessive worrying.

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