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A Giant Inflatable Water Trampoline is The Summer Essential You Never Knew You Needed

inflatable water trampoline

Spring is just about here, and the official start of summer not far behind, which means its time to start thinking about all those accessories when the pool and beach season finally arrives.

It doesn’t matter what they look like, they could be pizza, ice cream, or even unicorn shaped, water floats are a summer essential and Sam’s Club inflatable water trampoline is this years must-have.

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inflatable water trampoline

Sam’s Club

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The WoW Novelty Water BouncerWoW Novelty Water Bouncer not only offers something all over floats don’t have, designed to resemble a giant turtle or duck, it also features a unique addition that’ll entertain the entire family all summer long.

This 10 foot float comes built with a trampoline, for those daredevils who are keen on launching themselves into the pool or ocean from over 6ft in the air.

Priced at £230, with additional shipping costs, the WoW novelty water bouncer is made from special heavy-duty PVC and can fit two adults comfortably.

For more information on the WoW novelty water bouncer, or other water floats, visit Sam’s Club online.

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