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Wrap Your Festive Gifts Using the Japanese Way this Year

Japan is famous for a lot of social and cultural inventions but their method for wrapping gifts could easily be one of the very best things to come out of the land of the rising sun.

Buying gifts for friends and family is the easy part, now comes time to wrap them all which can often be a hassle and struggle.

Not with this new Japanese gift wrapping technique made famous by an employee from the Takashimaya Department store which, if followed correctly, could see you wrap all your gifts in under five minutes.

The technique follows a set a simple principles that can see you wrap a gift in under 30 seconds, with limited fuss with all the paper, sticky tape, ribbons, tags and all other wrapping accessories.

This contemporary Japanese style gift wrapping is similar to origami, in that it follows a strict sequence of precise folds.

The beauty of it is once you have got used to the basic technique, you can be more experimental, incorporating intricate pleats and decorations to create a stunning wrapped gift everyone will appreciate.

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