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You’ll Never Want to Leave This Comfy Jungle Sleeping Bag

When it comes to cuddling up and getting comfy before a Netflix binge, afternoon nap, or family camping trip, we might have just found the perfect accessory to make sure you are at your peak relaxation level.

The Jungle Leaves Sleeping Bag from Urban Outfitters is a sleeping bag that not only has all the built in features you need to get comfortable, it folds up into a stylish cushion perfect for hiding in any living room or bedroom.

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jungle sleeping bag

Urban Outfitters

We have all been there, you are about to get ready for a night of Netflix, an afternoon nap, or to rest while outside camping, and you can’t find a pillow or the duvet is too small.

The Jungle sleeping bag from Urban Outfitters is here to solve all those simple, uncomfortable issues and make relaxing easy again.

The sleeping bag is suitable for one person, covered in jungle images to make it seem like you are relaxing in the canopy of a tree, made from cotton, is machine washable and folds up into a pillow in a matter of minutes.

The jungle sleeping bag is available exclusively from Urban Outfitters online for £49.

For more information on the The Sleeping Bag visit Urban Outfitters online.

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