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Your Little Ones Can Relax Like Royalty In These Comfy Armchairs

If you thought that “living room politics” were a figment of the imagination then consider the ever-reliable friend, the armchair.

When it comes to family evenings in front of the TV, they’re often a reminder that designated seats and “spots” are very much a real thing.

We all have our designated spot in the living room and that includes grown-ups and younger ones alike.

And instead of having them steal your seat, you’re better off getting them their own comfortable armchair so that everyone can get a peace of mind in the evenings.

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Ebay, £74.99

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Not to mention the fact that they would feel like grown-ups in this stylish faux leather reclining chair.

Constructed from sturdy wood with steel frame, fire resistant material and plastic legs, this kids’ recliner seat is safe, strong and dependable.

The soft luxury PU leather upholstery is easy to clean if messy fingers get wiped on it, which is probably music to any parent’s ears when having to deal with their children’s mess.

These armchairs can be cleaned simply by wiping with a damp cloth.

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Ebay £74.99

The recline feature is operated by gently leaning back to the required position. No handle or button to break. Plus the back can recline to almost horizontal allowing anyone to snooze if need be.

Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years and will take a maximum weight of 60kgs.

Available in six colours of which: black, blue, deep pink, light pink, brown and cream.

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