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Become King or Queen of Pride Rock with This New Limited Edition Lion King Monopoly Set

lion king monopoly

With excitement building for the upcoming live action Lion King film, everyone’s favorite boardgame is set to release a themed version that will allow you to become king or queen of pride rock.

Monopoly, the one boardgame that incites family feuds like no other, will move from the streets of upmarket London and turn its attention to the Pride Lands and the world of the Lion King with a limited edition set that even comes with interactive music and famous quotes from the film.

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lion king monopoly


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Makers of the family favorite game, Hasbro, and Disney are coming together to bring an end all those arguments over London properties and make it all about who controls the elephant graveyard and pride rock.

Players will get to choose from iconic characters including Mufasa, Simba, Scar, Pumba or Timon and the best bit is there is no “banker” who divvys out all the money and hotels in the traditional game.

This version comes with a mini pride rock which plays the circle of life song and holds all the in-game cards.

Pride rock will also quote famous lines form the original film with Scar’s “Life’s not fair, is it?” line requiring players to pay 50 Lion King dollars whenever it sounds.

Instead of hotels and houses players will be competing for beetles and grubs, while the railroads have become four animal herds; the rhino, elephant, antelope, and wildebeest.

The Lion King Monopoly is set to be released on the 22nd of April and will retail for £30 online at Amazon and Hasbro.

For more information on the Lion King Monopoly visit Hasbro online.

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