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Your Kids’ Creative Artwork Can Now Become Your Next Living Room Rug

little p custom rugs

When kids create a fab artistic picture, parents love making sure they’re given prime place around the house, its a fun way to show off their talents, but why not transform them into something even more delightful – like say a rug?

Sure, parents can stick their children’s paintings on the fridge or even frame them, but now they can turn their latest artistic efforts into a long lasting, home decor memento thanks to Little P.

The Australian company, who ship their made-to-order products all over the world, have created a process called Little Creator that can immortalize their latest masterpieces into soft and comfortable rugs.

little p custom rugs

Little P

How the idea started?

The concept was born out of Little P founder Philippa Briscombe and her desire to do something more with her then 4-year old son’s paintings. Briscombe transferred those works onto plastic plates but always felt there was something more that could be done with them.

The designer eventually came up with the idea to create stylish, keepsake rugs and started Little P.

The idea is not only a fantastic way to treasure your children’s art, but is the perfect gift for grandparents or friends, and allows art to take centre stage on a larger scale.

little p custom rugs

Little P

How it works

The process is simple and easy to follow.

Take one of your kids amazing drawings, paintings or collages. Scan the artwork online at Little P and once the image is uploaded you will be able to select a size, shape and where the art will feature on the rug.

The artwork is printed onto a carpet-like fabric made from polyamide, which is then used to penetrate through the whole carpet to create the fab one-of-a-kind rug.

As well as having a similar look and feel to a hand-tufted rug the printed rugs are hypoallergenic and have the benefits of zero percent shedding. The carpets are finished by hand and are easy to maintain.

If you do not have any children and want to use your own artwork Little P welcomes all designs and can use any artwork to create their rugs.

The rugs come in various colours and three sizes, a circle which is priced at £63, rectangle priced at £32 and a multidimensional custom rug is priced at £104.

For more information visit Little P online.

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