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There’s a Super-Luxurious Swim Club That Resembles a Fantasy Wonderland

loong swim club

Taking your kids for a relaxing swim could be about to change after the opening a stunning new swim club that resembles a scene from Alice In Wonderland more than a traditional public pool.

The Loong Swim Club in Suzhou, China, has been designed to spur wonder and amazement, with bright colours, magical styling, and even a moderated mist that hangs over the pool to make swimmers feel like they’re floating in a fairy-tale type lagoon.

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loong swim club

Loong Swim Club

Designed by architectural firm X+Life, who have been at the tip of the spear in creating majestic locations including libraries, retail, and club spaces, throughout Asia, the swimming pool could point the way to the future of communal relaxing environments.

The club features an array of outlandish colours, shapes, and designs to help create the illusion of a whimsical fantasy land.

The space has been designed to accommodate children and parents, offering a grand environment to splash about and relax in.

loong swim club

Loong Swim Club

Parents can watch their children from a soft and comfortable reading area fully kitted out with bookshelves, cushioned sofas, and a window overlooking the pool.

There is also a restaurant, which boasts a play space for kids featuring giant egg-like structures, plush seating areas, a baby changing room, and a host of other fantasy-esq relaxation areas – that look like a scenes from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

To view, or for more information, the Loong Swim Club visit X+Life online.

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