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Jenga Just Received a Luxe Makeover and You’ll Never Guess How Much It Costs

louis vuitton jenga

Everyone remembers the board game Jenga, it is beloved the world over, and in honour of just how timeless it is Louis Vuitton have given it a very fancy, and expensive, makeover.

The Luxury Parisian fashion house has just revealed a range of its very own logo-embezzled Jenga sets as part of their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, and for Jenga lovers it might just be the perfect addition to their game night cupboard.

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louis vuitton jenga

Louis Vuitton & Jenga

The new brick stacking board game set is housed in a beautiful plexiglass box, which features a smooth leather handle, and has received the full Luis Vuitton treatment.

The set features the standard 54 stacking pieces, all of which are made from clear plexiglass, and come in a range of vibrant colours from turquoise to fuchsia.

Each individual Jenga piece is covered with the French brand’s logo and unmistakable motif.

Now to the cost, while traditional sets retail for £20, this limited edition Louis Vuitton version is priced at an eye-watering, £3,000, which makes it very luxury and very expensive.

Currently this set is only available to buy from Louis Vuitton Hong Kong, but the fashion brand are expected to roll out the limited edition version world wide throughout the year.

To check out this rare Jenga edition visit Louis Vuitton online.

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