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You Can Learn to Swim Like a Mermaid Thanks to These Magical Classes

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If it’s not underwater baby classes enchanting the nation, it’s mermaid swimming lessons.

This genius idea was started by Disney fan Charlotte Boustead who had the dream of teaching people to swim like mermaids thanks to her love of classic family movie, The Little Mermaid.

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The concept is simple: the whimsical workshops equip swimmers with colourful mermaid tails and encourages them to believe that mermaids are real.

The swim courses are taught by qualified instructors and cover how to move safely in the water, putting on the tail, how to enter and exit the water, basic breath holding and some mermaid skills work, which leads to basic routines.

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mermaid classes uk

Mermaids UK

You can then progress onto partner and group routines, advanced movements, mermaid fitness and some basic synchronised mermaid swims.

Let’s be honest though, there’s something magical about putting on a fin and the cost of the class covers the hire.

Even more brilliant is the fact the experience is suitable for both adults and children (hurrah!)

However all participants must be 6 years or plus and pass a swim test.

mermaid classes uk

Mermaids UK

Of course, mermaid swimming has been gaining popularity, with Disney themselves recently announcing that they’ve launched their very own.

If you don’t necessarily fancy going to America, however, this could be your chance to get fit and have fun right here in the UK!

To find your local MermaidsUK Instructor visit the official Mermaids UK website.

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