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This Stunning Real Life Mermaid House Is the Dream Holiday Home

If you’ve got a mermaid fan in your life, then you simply need to see this incredible real life mermaid house.

Actually called the Seashell House, this stunning holiday destination features absolutely everything you could ever dream of if you love marine life.

First of, the guest house itself is shaped like glorious, white seashells you’d find on the shore.

Not to mention the dreamy lagoon-like pool at the property complete with fish statues, palm trees and white sun loungers.

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The interiors, however, are what’s truly like something out of a storybook.

Stepping inside the bedroom reveals beds shaped like shells, with cave-like areas housing your kitchen essentials.

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mermaid house

You may never want to leave after you discover the incredible decorative detail hidden around every corner.

The bathroom comes complete with a mirror made from shells, while the walls are adorned by shades of creamy beige.

mermaid house

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Located in the tiny island of Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean sea, it truly is a unique island paradise.

Accommodating up to four people with two bedrooms, two beds, and two baths, whether you’re looking to get away from at all or treat the mermaid lover in your life, you may have just found your dream vacation spot!

The World Famous Seashell House can be booked via Airbnb, subject to availability. 

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