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Michelin Have Completely Reinvented The Wheel With A Puncture-Proof Tyre

michelin puncture proof tyre

When it comes to the humble wheel, many assumed there wasn’t much that could be improved, even in the 21st century, but Michelin have somehow managed to develop the wheel of the future.

The tire experts, in collaboration with car manufacturer General Motors, have created the first ever puncture-proof tyre for everyday cars called the Michelin Uptis ,which could potentially save millions of people from those painful experiences stranded at the side of the road waiting for help replacing a blown tyre.

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michelin puncture proof tyre

Michelin & Unsplash

The Michelin Uptis has been designed to be completely airless, replacing compressed air with a collection of rubber chevrons woven into the fabric of the tyre, and focuses on sustainable driving.

The airless feature means car owners won’t have to cope with pressure checks or inspections for damage.

It will also limit the amount of tyres ending up in landfills and scrap heaps, which is estimated at 200 million per year, decreasing the overall raw materials and energy used in large-scale tire production.

The revolutionary new concept is how Michelin views the future of cars.

The tire manufacturer is aiming to transform its business into one focusing on sustainability and safer driving, rather than contributing to global environmental problems.

A prototype of the Uptis has been created with fullscale, global production expected to deliver its first batch of tyres in 2024.

For more information on the Michelin puncture proof tyre visit Michelin online.

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