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Got Any Annoying Aches and Pains? These Animal Inspired Heated Pads Are Here to Help

microwavable warmies pads

When it comes to fixing all those aches and pains, sometimes the quickest, and best, way to get your body feeling fresh again is snuggling up to something soft and warm.

Heated pads are not new, nor are animal themed ones, but this range by Intelex called Warmies is a can’t resist, and it even comes with everyone’s favourite a sloth and alpaca.

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microwavable warmies pads


Ever had a lower back injury or shoulder pain you just can’t shift? We’ve all been there and this fab collection of adorable plush heated pain relief comforters could finally be the answer you, and your family, have been searching for.

Warmies by Intelex features an entire range of plush stuffed animals, heated pads, and even hand warmers, which are designed to offer instant pain relief and, of course, super soft warming comfort.

The collection includes various stuffed animals from sloths to flamingos, alpacas, and even cute penguins.

microwavable warmies


The heated pads come in a variety of patterns while the hand warmers all feature cute woodland animals on the front and a pair of cosy pockets for your hands.

Prices for the complete microwavable warmies collection range from £12.95 for the Warmies, £9.95 for the heat pads, and £14.95 for the hand warmers. All are available at Warmies online.

For more information on the complete Microwavable Warmies collection visit Intelex online.

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